Our Culture

At DRK Pharma Solutions, we are fully committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that align with our industry and operations. We work tirelessly to promote good health and well-being by providing high-quality pharmaceutical solutions to our clients. We are proud to advocate for gender equality within our organization and beyond, while ensuring access to clean water and sanitation throughout our operations. By prioritizing affordability and clean energy, we actively contribute to environmental conservation and sustainable economic growth. Our focus on industry innovation and infrastructure allows us to deliver cutting-edge pharmaceuticals to the market. We are dedicated to reducing inequalities by promoting inclusivity in our workforce and supporting underserved communities. Our commitment to responsible consumption and production is evident in our ethical sourcing and waste reduction initiatives. We engage in climate action by minimizing our carbon footprint, and we strive to foster peace, justice, and strong institutions by upholding ethical business practices. Finally, we are actively pursuing partnerships for the goals, collaborating with organizations that share our dedication to a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable world.

Connected and Caring Work Environment

At DRK, we are continuously striving for an environment where everyone feels personally satisfied. We are living our values inclusive of affection, empathy and connect.


We truly understand that our people have personal commitments to fulfill as well therefore we have introduced flexible working hours. For us, presence matters not the place that’s why we offer flexible working hours and flexible sitting arrangements to our people so that they can maintain a smooth balance in personal and professional life.

Deliberate Development

To promote Learning & Development within the organization, we sponsor Professional Excellence programs to enhance skills and competencies of our people. With the changing world it is very important to upgrade yourself and add value to your work

Flat Structure

We don’t believe in complex hierarchies because we have catalytic decision making process. In decision making every relevant person of team can give feedback irrelevant to his/her position. To us, only creative approach and innovative mind set matters. This approach helps our young leaders to break the stereotypes based on experience years and position titles.

Day Care Center

Working mothers are the key part of our organization. Our top most priority is to facilitate them so that they can be the coolest mothers and inspirational leaders at the same time. Our day care center is one of the way to ensure its implementation.

Mentorship Program

We have mentorship programs for our new team members so that they can feel comfortable working at DRK. Through this program they get an office buddy with whom they can freely discuss all the queries and concerns.

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